Baby sleep through the night

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I have been working on getting my 4 month old to sleep through the night and am having some luck. I have been spoon feeding him cereal at night with some applesauce so he doesn’t get constipated. I give him around 2 oz of cereal and 2 oz fruit. Then I give him a bath and let him play till he gets sleepy and read him a book. When he goes down he only wakes up one time in the night. About 4:30 every morning like clock work. So he was playing but I tried keeping his light off and just picking him up and not saying anything and feed him his 6 oz bottle. I burp him and then rock him right back to sleep. So far it is working without him wanting to play. Anyways…hope this helps someone else. Hopefully he will sleep all the way through the night soon with this technique.

baby colt

baby colt

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