Reorganized for better learning – Kids zones…)

Our daycare is reorganized for better learning.

After many hours of reorganizing, we now have a much more kid friendly area.

The kids absolutely love it and are having fun in the different areas that you will see in the pictures below…

Above is the garden, market center…

Above is the ? science, sensory center…

Above is legos, learning to build structures…

Above is auto books ? and listening ? skills…

Above is the writing center with ? notebooks…

Above is the construction ? zone with tools.

Reorganized for better learning and more fun for the kids…

The kids love ❤️ their new play and learning areas. Wanted to share it all with you.

Make it a great day.


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List of baby food options

For those of you who are choosing to make your own baby food, I found a great website that has many different options as your baby gets older. Also gives you step by step at what age to give it. The website is I printed off a list of what I need right now and am excited to go back to the organic section at the store to see what I can find. Wal-Mart is a great choice because of the variety that it offers. I also found at Wal-Mart that they have ice cube trays with lids so that when you get busy like I do with your little one you don’t have to worry about forgetting about them in the freezer. Stock up on zip locks and your golden.
I hope this helps someone on your list of baby food and gives you many options.

Daytime sleep training

So my 4 month old has been being difficult with taking his morning and afternoon naps. We are also at the daycare which has more going on. I am now using techniques that I also use before bedtime. Today was my first day trying it and it has worked like a charm. I first had the kids do something quiet like looking at a book or put a 15min movie on so they aren’t up being wild. Next I turn the lights down and changed him. I then go a book, his blanket, and stuffed animal that sings his lullaby song. I read him and all the kids a book and he started rubbing his eyes just like at home. I then gave hugs and kisses and started singing like I do at home then started to rock. I hardly had any crying today because as soon as I saw the signs I just stopped what I was doing and got to his needs first. Some days its crazy and right in the middle of a craft or project so I makes it tough to do.

I also got some tips that they tend to wake up about 45 min after laying down because of a sleep cycle. His morning nap was right at 45 min. His afternoon nap after being down 50 min he tried waking up but I just sang a little and patted his bottom. He went right back to sleep and is still sleeping. That was at noon and its now 2:10. Anyways… hope this helps someone with their daytime sleep training. I plan on trying to do this around the same time each day to get him on a schedule.

Feeding baby food to 4 month old

Since my little man just turned 4 months we have started him on baby food. My doctor said there was nothing wrong with it. We started feeding cereal at 3 months and he went a few hours longer at night.  We have had good luck so far with this. He seems happier and it keep him more on a feeding schedule rather than sporadic. We have to give him prunes with his cereal now to keep his bowel movements on regular.

I have also been making his food and getting it in the organic section. It does take all morning to do 4 foods. I saved glass jars and freeze them so it doesn’t spoil. It has saved us a lot of money though and for me I would rather put the time in and save. Anyways…hope this helps someone on feeding baby food to your 4 month old.

Baby sleep through the night

I have been working on getting my 4 month old to sleep through the night and am having some luck. I have been spoon feeding him cereal at night with some applesauce so he doesn’t get constipated. I give him around 2 oz of cereal and 2 oz fruit. Then I give him a bath and let him play till he gets sleepy and read him a book. When he goes down he only wakes up one time in the night. About 4:30 every morning like clock work. So he was playing but I tried keeping his light off and just picking him up and not saying anything and feed him his 6 oz bottle. I burp him and then rock him right back to sleep. So far it is working without him wanting to play. Anyways…hope this helps someone else. Hopefully he will sleep all the way through the night soon with this technique.

baby colt

baby colt