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This page is designed to give equal opportunity employment to those that are qualified and who meet certain requirements and skills needed to perform at Little Rascals Daycare.

Little Rascals Daycare reserves the right to hire and or fire anyone that meets the requirements, or that does not perform properly, or meet the requirements of Little Rascals Daycare.

You will be able to Click on the Job Application form link below and download it as a PDF file, or you can print it once you click on the link below. You can also click the link below, download it as a PDF, then print it, and fill it out. Once the form is completely filled out, you can scan it and then email it to the email address below.

Employment Form Here <<<.

Print the form above, fill it out, then email it too:

10 Responses to Job Application

  1. Tabitha Glenn says:

    Just wanted to let you know I emailed my job application for the position at Little Rascals Daycare. Please let me know when I may interview for the job opening.
    Tabby Glenn

  2. Miranda says:

    What are the requirements for the job opening?

  3. Krystina Troester says:

    I just sent my application for employment

  4. Debra Winn says:

    Do you have any daytime part time positions open?

  5. Haley Bunch says:

    I am currently a college student and wondering if you have any part time job openings?

  6. L. Ann Hansen says:


    I see that you have a part time opening for a day care provider. I applied for a position there before and was not hired. I called you at that time to see if you still had my application on file and you did,

    I am still interested in a part time position. Do you still have my application on file for your review and consideration or do I need to fill out a new application?

    Thank you,

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