Apple Volcano

Today for all about me week we are learning about the 3 different kinds of apples. I decided to do an apple volcano that I found on Pinterest. Ingredients: 1 apple with the top around the stem cut out, 4 tbs baking soda, small cup vinegar. I put the baking soda under the top of the apple cut out and then added the vinegar in the cracks around the cut out apple.

The kids loved the reaction that happened.

Reorganized for better learning – Kids zones…)

Our daycare is reorganized for better learning.

After many hours of reorganizing, we now have a much more kid friendly area.

The kids absolutely love it and are having fun in the different areas that you will see in the pictures below…

Above is the garden, market center…

Above is the ? science, sensory center…

Above is legos, learning to build structures…

Above is auto books ? and listening ? skills…

Above is the writing center with ? notebooks…

Above is the construction ? zone with tools.

Reorganized for better learning and more fun for the kids…

The kids love ❤️ their new play and learning areas. Wanted to share it all with you.

Make it a great day.


P.S. Please feel free to leave your comments below.



Pirate Activity

In the daycare today we worked on pirate activities. The kids wanted to make telescopes and eye patches. I took the left over paper towel rolls and had them paint them. Then we punched holes on both sides toward the top of the roll and took yarn and tide a not so they could carry them around their neck. Next with the eye patch I cut out a circle in the roll and took construction paper and glued that on one side. We then cut holes and tide yarn and measured their head. The kids are now using their imagination to play all around the room. It took about a hour and half to complete the project. That is how we did our pirate activity.

Baby Colt

This is my new Baby and his name is Colt.


The first picture was the day he was born, and the second one is now at 7 weeks old.

Daycare and Preschool Open House In Trenton Mo – Saturday June 29th- 11am-3 pm

“Announcing Our OPEN HOUSE Sat June 29th 2013 11am to 3pm”

Daycare and Preschool

901 E 2nd St. Trenton Mo 64683

Saturday June 29th- 11am-3 pm

*Door prizes *Refreshments *Fun Activities

Visit My Website at: >>>

Call Kari at: Work:(660)654-2255 or Cell:(660)654-0666

“Announcing Change of Ownership from Barnyard Buddies Daycare to Little Rascals Daycare and Preschool”

Grand Opening July 1st.  Little Rascals Daycare and Preschool!!!

  •  Operating Hours will be: 7:00am- 5:30 pm
  • Coming Mid July Open 24 hrs, 7 days a week.
  • Coming in August: 2 Preschool shifts (Morning and Evening)

This Open House will be in Trenton Mo at 901 E 2nd St. Trenton Mo 64683 Saturday June 29th- 11am-3 pm