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So I decided to sleep train my 5 month old today because his napping in the day is horrible. He may get 1hr.45min throughout the whole day. I spend half my day trying to get him to sleep and I just cannot do that.

So I am doing the sooth method where you let them cry for a few minutes then go give them cuddles but no talking. I rub his back and let the bear sing and make sure he has his Binky. I get him calmed down by patting his bottom and then I go back in another room for a few minutes until he calms down and goes to sleep.

His morning took only about 7 minutes of fussing and crying and this method for us is working great. Eventually it is designed to help him fall asleep on his own and also put himself back to sleep. I am as we speak working on his second nap. This one has taken a little longer but he is calming down nicely. I was so terrified that he wouldn’t do well that I have been dreading doing it. I hope the next few days are this easy. I loved rocking him but he needs to learn to sooth himself.

He is now asleep so it took 16min from start to finish for him to fall asleep and only 9 min was fussing. Not to bad:)
Anyways… I hope this helps someone sleep train there little one and if you need support while your doing it let me know.

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  1. Mike Pilcher says:

    Great post Kari. Very good information that is very helpful.

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