Daytime sleep training

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So my 4 month old has been being difficult with taking his morning and afternoon naps. We are also at the daycare which has more going on. I am now using techniques that I also use before bedtime. Today was my first day trying it and it has worked like a charm. I first had the kids do something quiet like looking at a book or put a 15min movie on so they aren’t up being wild. Next I turn the lights down and changed him. I then go a book, his blanket, and stuffed animal that sings his lullaby song. I read him and all the kids a book and he started rubbing his eyes just like at home. I then gave hugs and kisses and started singing like I do at home then started to rock. I hardly had any crying today because as soon as I saw the signs I just stopped what I was doing and got to his needs first. Some days its crazy and right in the middle of a craft or project so I makes it tough to do.

I also got some tips that they tend to wake up about 45 min after laying down because of a sleep cycle. His morning nap was right at 45 min. His afternoon nap after being down 50 min he tried waking up but I just sang a little and patted his bottom. He went right back to sleep and is still sleeping. That was at noon and its now 2:10. Anyways… hope this helps someone with their daytime sleep training. I plan on trying to do this around the same time each day to get him on a schedule.

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