Reorganized for better learning – Kids zones…)

Our daycare is reorganized for better learning.

After many hours of reorganizing, we now have a much more kid friendly area.

The kids absolutely love it and are having fun in the different areas that you will see in the pictures below…

Above is the garden, market center…

Above is the ? science, sensory center…

Above is legos, learning to build structures…

Above is auto books ? and listening ? skills…

Above is the writing center with ? notebooks…

Above is the construction ? zone with tools.

Reorganized for better learning and more fun for the kids…

The kids love ❤️ their new play and learning areas. Wanted to share it all with you.

Make it a great day.


P.S. Please feel free to leave your comments below.



November Newsletter :)

November NewsletterDon’t forget to push our Fall Fundraiser and have a chance at a tuition discount of $25.00. This fundraiser goes toward buying the kids Christmas toys for the daycare!

Refer a family special: Receive a $25.00 gift card of your choice for a referral and they enroll.

It’s almost Thanksgiving!!! We are changing the daycare up a little for fun new activities. We will also be drawing names for our annual secret Santa for the kids.

Save the Dates: November 14 the daycare will be closing by 5:15 due to a training conducted by the Health Department.

No Preschool: Nov. 18

No School- Nov. 23rd

Closed: Nov. 24&25: Thanksgiving Break

December 12: Childcare training conducted by the Health Department. Closing @ 5:15 pm.


• Please, Please, Please bring spare clothes for your child! Check your child’s cubby at the end of each day for papers also.

• Tuition is due on Mondays, if not received by Wednesday at 5pm a $10 late charge will be added to your account if payment arrangements aren’t made in advance.

• No Call No Show: within 2 hours BEFORE your child’s set schedule, $10 late charge will be added to your account.

• Late pick-ups will no longer be tolerated, if your child is here 15 minutes after pick up time on the schedule, you will be issued a $10 late pick-up fee and a warning. I have ladies who are in classes in the evenings. We have a child schedule for this reason to ensure that I have the appropriate staff here for your children. If you are running late from work please call the daycare and let someone know so that we can make arrangements.

• Please call the daycare for any reason UNLESS you are an early morning drop parent.

• Lastly, these rules are all in your PARENT HANDBOOK! If anyone would like a copy, you may have one for a fee of $5.00, (they are 12 pages long).

-Kari Miller